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Kaijuu Monogatari

Kaijuu Monogatari came out in 1988 for the NES, and there were two sequels on the SNES.  King Mike made a translation of the game, however it seems to have some issues with spelling errors and glitches.  Due to the difficulty of applying the translation, I can’t promise if newer versions of the translation has less errors.  However, it’s perfectly playable in the current state, and definitely isn’t as bad as the translation for STED.

This is the first town in the game. You can give the old man on the right some water so he'll let you use the basement stairs.

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First Queen

First Queen feels to me like the game may’ve been designed to use the SNES mouse.  There’s a certain floatiness to the main character and a very chaotic feel to the AI of your other player characters.  The best analogy I can think of is resembling the gameplay of the Lord of the Rings SNES game.  Looking online, however, I found out that the game was a series of four games.  The first game was released in 1988 on Sharp X68000 and the NEC PC-9801.  More information is available on the Wikipedia page about the SNES version of the game.  The SNES version came out in 1994 from Culture Brain.

The hero on the right has just talked to the king and princess on the left. The 50 in the bottom menu is the hero's health.

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Addictive Gameplay

I do find it interesting that I avoid MMOs for the most part, but I do enjoy addictive gameplay.  I suppose what I mean by that is game design or elements that reward spending time with the game, or optimizing interactions with the game.  So, for example, designing a good set of attacks that combo nicely in a Tales game, or a good party set up in Final Fantasy V.

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Vedia Tower is basically designed to foil a map maker.  There’s confusing strings of one room areas.  There’s multiple paths which circle back on themselves.  Assuming you’ve got maps to the area, it’s not too bad to explore.  The first four levels are basic mazes with some new annoying additions.

These Amb are pretty easy to fight.

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I’m to another point in the game where I have to grind.  Every trip to Mong (where I got the Litromin medicine) gives about 600 credits and there’s a couple spells and items that are nice to pick up.

This tower is the area I need to get to next. The first fight inside killed me after hitting the hero for about 30 HP.

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For many people, RPGs scratch a completionist itch.  There’s strategy guides, for example, on completing various games with 100% of everything – and that means one of every item, fighting every enemy, opening all the chests, and seeing everything the game has to offer.  Some games offer rewards when you complete all the maps or fight everything in the bestiary.  Other games are infamous for having complex or annoying secrets.

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Pit Pot

Pit Pot is basically an action puzzle game for the Sega Master System.  It came out in 1985, and in 1986, it was rereleased in Europe with Astro Warrior.

The first screen in Pit Pot shows the witch flying by her castle.

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Montezuma’s Revenge came out in 1989 for the Sega Master System.  From what I could find, there was a sequel called Montezuma’s Return.  It had a lot of ports.  There were Atari versions for the 800, 2600, and 5200.  There was a Commodore 64 version.  The sequel came out on Gameboy and Gameboy Color.  There was also an early FPS on PC (which, judging that the developer is still Utopia Technologies Inc is still in the same family.)

Here, Panama Joe (in green) is climbing down a ladder after avoiding a spider.

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This game came out from Konami in 2001 in Japan.  It came to the US and Europe in 2002.  It’s based off of the Zone of the Enders series, and is a strategy RPG.  From the little amount I played, it seems a fairly typical strategy RPG with a timing based battle system.

Cage on the right is thanking Ares (on the left) for helping him out.

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Chester Field is a Vic Tokai game that came out in 1987.  It’s a 2D side scrolling game with a fairly early feel to the game.  The translation is by Aeon Genesis.

Press up in front of the damaged area on the ship, and you can enter the first labyrinth. This will kill you at the start of the game.


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