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While playing the game today, I grabbed some screenshots of the battle backgrounds.  I think they’re a good example of how the colorwork and sprite work in the game creates a unique flavor when playing it.

Geometric crystals tower over the battlefield in the plains.

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Starting next week, I’ll be orchestrating playing through as much of Paladin’s Quest as friends can manage. Probably will be starting after 5 on weekdays.  If anyone is interested in joining in, contact scarf4chou on AIM or comment here to contact me.  There’ll be a group chat so we can run through a speedrun esque strategy for the game, discussion of plot, and I’ll grab some images to post here.

The Japanese game cover and manual for Lennus / Paladin's Quest.

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Lutter is a Famicom Disk System game published by Athena in 1989.  These games tend to be NES games with the ability to save.  It’s translated into English by a translator named Mute.

Lutter, Athena 1989

The stars are animated and zip back and forth.

To get an idea of the gameplay, I played through the first level of the game and took some screenshots.  Your hero’s goal is to rescue some young women, culminating in a fight against the ultimate evil.  The main part of the game takes place in a Lode Runner like room.  You fight enemies via bumping them, and take more damage from behind, or while fighting on anything other than solid ground.

Here, the hero found gold.

Gold enables you to bribe an enemy if you are killed.

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