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This game came out from Konami in 2001 in Japan.  It came to the US and Europe in 2002.  It’s based off of the Zone of the Enders series, and is a strategy RPG.  From the little amount I played, it seems a fairly typical strategy RPG with a timing based battle system.

Cage on the right is thanking Ares (on the left) for helping him out.

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Many Pokémon clones tend to feel like a game that wants you to think about how it compares to Pokémon.  So, for example, Telefang has cell phones to summon monsters.  You have a poor signal to prevent you summoning some of them, you get phone numbers instaed of capturing a monster, and so on.  DemiKids is a series that feels a bit like a clone of a clone.

The hero of the light version chats in a cutscene.

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As graphical technology improved, you could show more detail on characters.  This meant, of course, that an artist could make more details in a character design without having them lost in the fact that the character is only 32 pixels high.  Needless to say, some characters look incredibly silly.  For some people, JRPGs are simply unplayable due to the character designs.  My problem with this criticism is that it tends to be phrased in sexist / homophobic / transphobic language.

The hero of Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 2 has a notably silly outfit. The sword is impractical, the clothing has many confusing layers, and the pizza is a confusing accessory.

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