STED Grinding update

I’m to another point in the game where I have to grind.  Every trip to Mong (where I got the Litromin medicine) gives about 600 credits and there’s a couple spells and items that are nice to pick up.

This tower is the area I need to get to next. The first fight inside killed me after hitting the hero for about 30 HP.

The total cost of that shopping is 3000 credits.  Due to my low levels, I’m half dead after each trip.  Every other trip, I need to heal limb damage (for about 200 credits,) and about every four trips, I need to heal Gap (which is quite cheap.)

I did find out a couple of new things.  Right now, freeze is the most powerful spell, and tends to work on almost every monster weak to magic or strong to weapons (ignoring the Tavie school of monsters.)  The item which resurrects the players (Clone) has a really boring activation message (basically, “Blah is revived”) and only gives you half health.

Mong is nice enough to give you a city teleport item, so if you saved in a city before the tunnel, you can warp back there.  Unfortunately, there is no robot healing items in the town.  This means you could get stuck there and have Gap be killed before you could get back to town.

I couldn’t really find any good clues for where to go next.  I suspect the original game came with a map.  Basically, there’s three areas that you haven’t gone to yet once you get the code for the tower.  Before the tunnel to Mong, there’s another locked tunnel.  It’s still locked.  West of the passage north to Orvis Village, there’s another bridge.  This takes you on a big loop near a mountain.  South and west on the western side of the big continent is the next area.

Once I get a few more levels, I should be able to enter the tower and get to the top.  I remember the top of the tower having some interesting spritework, so I’ll have to remember to screenshot it.


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