STED Vedia Tower completed

Vedia Tower is basically designed to foil a map maker.  There’s confusing strings of one room areas.  There’s multiple paths which circle back on themselves.  Assuming you’ve got maps to the area, it’s not too bad to explore.  The first four levels are basic mazes with some new annoying additions.

These Amb are pretty easy to fight.

You have Halyuse (Holy User?) who are some kind of squid like psychic.  They’re strong to magic, reduce your chance to hit, and are mildly strong to attacks.  There’s Murdare who are some kind of flying beetle.  They have a multi-hit attack, and seem to have a chance for critical hits. They’re strong to magic, but not that strong to weapons.  There’s a few weaker enemies.  Longo pop up again, but they’re basically one hit killed by Gap at this point.  Litos are pretty annoying.  They’re a fire mage salamander, weak to freeze, strong to weapons that pop up in the tunnel to Mong.  The easiest new enemy are Amb.  These blue squid men are weak to freeze, and die in about two hits.  One enemy in the tower (I believe the Murdare,) has a fire attack on all party members spell called Ashes.  Thankfully, I only saw Ashes once on my climb.

I like the spritework on the stairs. It's a very simple design, but the heavy use of shadows is dramatic.

Interestingly enough, there’s a monster outside the tower which is worse than the ones inside.  Nelgiss are strong to weapons, strong to magic, and seem to have a high critical hit chance.  They can be killed by three concentrated hits by Actes, the Hero, and Gap.  However, if you have two in a battle, and the randomizer hates you, you will likely be almost dead.  I suspect they are an out of level monster from the next area.

Disdark waits patiently until the party bumps into him and then fights. On the map, his sprite is an orange humanoid monster.

At the top of the tower, there’s a strange top down perspective room.  The blue path is the area you can walk on, and the dark areas are impassable.  There’s a boss waiting here (named Disdark), who seems to have no dialogue.  He’s about 2 levels above the normal enemy difficulty of the area.  He’s strong to magic, so Corona is relegated to doing tiny damage, or healing for the entire battle.  Unfortunately, I need to replay the battle, since he managed to kill Actes and Corona.  However, I did get the next events in the storyline.

Is this Usis explaining to Corona? Is this Gap telling the party? It's a very odd statement.

After the battle, there’s a treasure chest and a big mainframe like computer.  Checking the computer gives you the strange message that this is an ancient computer.  According to the introduction, Actes and the Hero were on a space ship and were called down via a distress signal.  Wouldn’t they logically know what a computer is?  This could be Corona commenting on computers(since robots seem rare in this world.)  If you don’t have the LeadPak, you’ll be unable to do anything with the computer.  (I believe this is hinted by the comments about the Reedpark back in Orvis.)  With the LeadPak, you can enter the password from Orvis, and you get a message that the computer is shut down.  Then you get a statement that you need to destroy the Bioroid system, and a curious message.  I assume this is an alert from another city.

I assume this is some kind of alert or distress signal.

Another mildly clunky element is the pass.  You need a pass to use the tunnel across the continents.  Try to walk on the chest from the north, and you can’t.  Try to walk on it from the left, and you can’t.  Search while standing in front of it, and you find nothing.  Stand on the chest and search, and you find a treasure chest and get the pass.

North of Usis is the chest with the pass. To the right, there's the mainframe.

The Phantasy Star II inspirations are pretty obvious here.  In Phantasy Star II, there’s a computer system you need to shut down, and a factory making monsters.  You could argue that this plot like popped up in a lot of games of this era, but considering how much STED resembles Phantasy Star II, I think it’s fair to say that they were trying to evoke the plot.  So far, the plot seems to be the Shiseikan is attacking.  There’s a coverup to hide it.  Shiseikan uses the Bioroid system to make monsters.  Shutting down the computers gives us gems.  Monsters have been stealing gems from towns.  To shut down computers, you must have a robot.

Next on the list is more grinding.  I need to buy Cure 1 for more people, and I need to kill the boss with a living Corona (she’s behind in levels.)  Then, all I need to do is get to Teig – and buy a ton more equipment.

  1. skyrunner14’s avatar

    Are you still playing this?

    I’ve actually been playing this quite a bit lately, on… wait for it… an actual Famicom! I enjoyed playing it on the emulator so much I ended up buying a physical copy of the game, and it even came with the manual! It’s pretty spartan, though… it doesn’t even tell you any additional story details, just what the controls are, what each shop sells… not too great.

    The game, on the other hand, I’ve been having a lot of fun with. I’m already up to the second tower, though I’ve been grinding up credits and experience for new weapons and ESP.

    I don’t know how far you are, but when you get to the second continent, you’ll have to find some ruins. When you go inside and use the computer, the area glitches up! Just walk back exactly the way you came from and you’ll be fine, and don’t walk to the left of where the computer was, or you’ll get stuck! It reminded me of that area in Lufia 2 where you initially find the Dual Blade in the U.S. version.

  2. Rav’s avatar

    I’ve been pretty busy lately, but yes, I’ve been playing it. The final tower has another glitchy bug, as I remember. I think you can walk off the map at one point, in the translated version.

  3. skyrunner14’s avatar

    I haven’t played that far in the translated version, but I imagine if the ruins glitching up takes place in the original, untranslated version, like the third tower, it may well be the game’s fault rather than the translators’.

  4. Rav’s avatar

    I do find the areas that have glitches to be odd. I mean, going off the path on the final climb in the final dungeon could just be some rushed and sloppy programming. The other area is basically just a secret bonus room that allows you to reset stat points and, if I’m remembering correctly, names. You’d think that if they wanted to add a single room and a computer, they’d not run into any major issues.

    I did finally sit down and do a successful run of Vedia Tower. Time to grind more cash since I’ve unlocked two new towns.


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