STED update

Redid the boss battle, and managed to keep Corona alive.  Unfortunately, much like the grinding near Orvis, I’m hitting another brick wall in regard to levelling.  You see, the next area is a new continent once you use your pass to unlock the tunnels.

The hero's present stats. Notice that we have 1492 credits. The grinding will take a while.

The monsters, as per usual, are worse on the new continent, and there’s a money grind as well.  Basically, if you bought the best of the new weapons, you’re looking at 28,000 gold.

One curious thing about how levelling works in the game.  There’s actually a sort of anti-cheat function.  Experience levels seem to be dependent on your stats.  So, for example, if you give yourself extra points to build the character, you’ll level more slowly.  You will also get less EXP if you’re wearing better armor.  It may actually be better to fight with bad equipment till you hit the level you want and then upgrade.

Other than that, I fear, I’m merely pushing my way through grinding in the game.


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