Legend (Legend – Ashita he no Tsubasa)

Legend is a 1991 Gameboy RPG, published by Quest.  There’s barely any discussion of the game that I can find, and it sounds like it’s pretty obscure.  As games go, it’s got some odd flaws, and definitely seems pretty generic.

This is the starting area of Legend, with the hero on the left at the bottom of the screen. This feels a lot like Twin or a dozen other RPGs, doesn't it?

One oddity about the game is the way the menus are laid out.  For example, the first menu starts with your typical “talk.”  However, the second command is status, and searching the area is moved down to the last option.  Go into status, and you get status of your character, items, magic, equip, and ranks.  Usually, equipment is moved higher up the list, and it’s odd that they couldn’t manage to combine searching with talking.

On average, most attacks due about 6 to 7 damage a round for every 2 monsters. You can see how the hero's low HP can make this a problem.

Another oddity is the difficulty level.  The game feels like a pretty generic RPG.  You have four heroes who are tasked by the king to find the “mantos” to bring Lemeria into a new era of peace.  The heroes, from what little I can understand, are possibly children of other heroes.  Considering that this feels like a pretty generic RPG, it’s odd that your starting cash isn’t enough to cover getting some basic equipment.  You can easily get poisoned or wounded in battle.  The main FAQ for the game suggests grinding to level 9 before continuing to progress the game.  With the best equipment that I could buy, I still felt very fragile at level 3 just sticking near the first two areas.  While games are never that realistic, it’s odd that your heroes are too weak to walk from your hero’s house to where you start the game without running from every battle.  Thankfully, running has a high chance of success, and there is a free source of healing.  A final oddity is that your hero’s mother (the source of said free healing) lives underground in a tiny house on the edge of town.

Entering Baracas, you can find some houses to the north, and shops to the right. Below the hero is his mother's basement house.

The town layouts are pretty typical Gameboy RPG fair.  Shops have large obvious signs, and the paths around towns aren’t that windy and annoying.  The music is notable for being pretty nice.  The battle theme, for example, has a good amount of variety, and seems to have a “you’re in danger” varient.  Monster art is pretty similar to something like SaGa 1 / Final Fantasy Legend II, and there’s something akin to the Dragon Quest charm to some of the designs.

So, summing it up, Legend’s got some nice music, and some competent graphics.  The game feels a little awkward, since there’s non-standard menu layouts, and some odd difficulty curves in the game.  I suspect someone who’s desperate for a nostalgic retro Gameboy RPG would adore the feel of the game, but I’m not sure that I’d love the game even if I could read the dialogue. I did enjoy poking around at the early areas of the game, for all of my complaints.


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