SaGa games and Obscurity

So, I started to look at Romancing SaGa for the SNES.

I was warned that there were a bunch of issues with the game.  For example, you need 30,000 gold for a quest, but you need to sell an item when you have 9,999 gold to get a jewel (representing 9,999 gold.) Any excess gold while you have 9,999 gold is lost.  I was warned that the final boss would probably be impossible for me to kill.  You cannot get all the items to weaken the final boss (since some quests weren’t finished.)

I wasn’t expecting that the music is lovely in the game.  I wasn’t expecting that the graphics look a lot like a mix of Final Fantasy IV’s towns with some pretty complex battle sprites.  I wasn’t expecting to feel as lost as I was.

To be more specific, you don’t pick a character in the SNES version.  You pick your gender, and then your character.  Then you pick the jobs for your character’s parents (which effects your stats, not that you can tell exactly how save from the the titles.)  Finally you pick your dominant hand.  Then you’re given a pretty world map, and then you’re shown where you are in the world.

In the case of Gray, you start on a ship with two other characters, and are left, almost penniless, in a remote town.  Asking around town tells you that there’s a dinosaur egg that could be sold for tons of cash.  So, your character heads out, dodging triceratops to attempt to steal an egg to escape the island.

Or you would, if you didn’t get ambushed and find out that it scrambles your turn order so certain characters can’t attack.  It’ll take me a while to get something actually interesting out of this game, I fear.  It’s still fascinating to try though.

  1. melly’s avatar

    I love the SaGa games precisely because they are fascinating; figuring out how they work is engaging and they have a certain mysterious quality to them. Glad you’re playing S1, Even if the game is a little esoteric (which as I said i personally I love) the music and art is beautiful.

    Btw after reading your Silas Saga II piece, I tried it out and oddly enough got hooked! I like it for the same reasons I like SaGa I guess: it’s original enough for me . (Sorry for errors, typing on bad phone)

  2. Rav’s avatar

    I hope you enjoy Silva Saga II. If you like it, the NES translation may be fun. It’s the only NES game that I’ve ever seen that has zero grinding. I only found one boss to be at all hard, and that was simply because I fought it out of order (the FAQ says to go to cave 3, more or less, before cave 2.) You end up seeing similar areas, and it’s an attractive game.

    Also has some odd battle sprites that feel almost like they’re from a different game. Sort of a dithered early Wizardry look to them.


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