Last Battle

Last Battle has two developers, Atelier Double and Powwow.  The publisher was Teichiku.  It came out in 1994 on the SNES.  At first, it seems like a grindingly familiar RPG.  You start the game in a school.  Illusion of Gaia starts off in a school.  Paladin’s Quest starts out in a school.  Even the cover looks conventional.  In this case, your hero poses dramatically with a party of people.  Much like most SNES rpgs based off of D&D, there’s a dwarven looking character, a mageish looking young woman, and a knightlike guy.

The hero's the lad in green on the cover.

So, it’s kind of surprising when you actually try the game.  The early plot seems to be a conventional four great heros saved the world and now their kids have to do it again.  Your hero is adopted, one would assume, since his family are tiny dwarves.  Later, you go to a castle to pick up the princess (or a knight?) after your home town is attacked.

There’s an autobattle system in the game and a fairly cute icon based menu system (it resembles Shining Force, really.)  In battle, you pick the typical attack, magic and attack, heal, and so on.

Pausing the battle to pick tactics.

The world map is also pretty startling. For some reason, they chose to make the hero’s scale absolutely tiny.  The teensy red haired figure to the south east of town is the hero.

The shadow effect with the moving clouds is kind of neat.

I really doubt the plot of the game is amazing, but it’s graphically interesting, at the very least, and the battle system is a lot less button mashy than the typical game. While the introduction is almost teeth grittingly typical, it soon offers some novelty.


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