SD Gundam Gaiden: Lacroan’s Heroes

Most tie in games aren’t very good.  Anime tie in games, for example, tend to have fancy production values, short game time, and a odd tendency to include some sort of healing point in dungeons.  Often, they’re too easy, or have odd difficulty curves.  SD Gundam Gaiden: Lacroan’s Heroes came out in 1990 from Bandai.  SD Gundam is a long running series, and includes some NES games.

The heroes in a dungeon, preparing to escape.

SD Gundam Gaiden: Lacroan’s Heroes does have an awkward difficulty curve.  As best I can understand the plot, you take quests, and are thrown into different stories.  It seems to have a fairly open plotline allowing you to take many different quests.  However, most new areas are almost incredibly deadly.

Pictured here are three of the game's heroes.

For fans of the series, the plot seems to be based around some series mythos, and there are a number of Gundam from the series.  You can have, for example, a hero from the anime show up to give advice, and your main enemy is the Devil Gundam – one of the most “evil” Gundam from the series.

A mini-boss guards part of the dungeon. The battle menu covers your HP, which makes healing a bit awkward.

All in all, the game doesn’t have that horrible of a presentation. The music, while a bit archaic sounding, does remind me of Gundam music (though my series lore can’t identify if it is Gundam music.)  The graphics are pretty clear, and the little Gundam robots resemble Gundam from the series.

If you can't read Japanese, this is one of the most awkward menu types to deal with.

Unfortunately, it’s generally considered a kusoge online.  Usually people complain about the plot being a bit odd here and there, and the enemy difficulty.  In the case of the dungeon area I’ve shown above, I have no healing area until I fight  a miniboss and get outside.  There does seem to be a “rest” option that opens up after a few battles (accompanied with a night scene like you’re napping,) but I can’t tell what triggers it.


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