Adian no Tsue: Chinou Game Series

Adian no Tsue came out in 1986 from Sunsoft and Ask Kodansha.  It’s basically an educational game. One side of the Famicom Disk System disk is a racing game involving various quiz questions.  The other side is a sort of Zelda like RPG.

The hero, at the bottom, swings his sword at the monsters.

Basically, your little student fights monsters in a maze.  Bashing a door brings up a math puzzle or an attack of monsters.  Failure in fighting or math results in damage to the hero.

Solving math problems in Adian no Tsue involves hitting numbers and then hitting OK to input them.

When you solve a math problem, you get a bell, and possibly a passage to proceed.

A bell in Adian no Tsue. The path to the right is the actual exit.

All in all, it’s a simplistic dungeon crawl with some basic math.  Nothing really outstanding.


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