The plan –

Starting next week, I’ll be orchestrating playing through as much of Paladin’s Quest as friends can manage. Probably will be starting after 5 on weekdays.  If anyone is interested in joining in, contact scarf4chou on AIM or comment here to contact me.  There’ll be a group chat so we can run through a speedrun esque strategy for the game, discussion of plot, and I’ll grab some images to post here.

The Japanese game cover and manual for Lennus / Paladin's Quest.

From some quick googling, Paladin’s Quest was an ambitious game.  The music was by Kouhei Tanaka who worked on a number of anime and game soundtracks.  The story seems to have been written by a famous author, and the art seems to have been done by a team of Katou Hiroyuki and Gotou Keisuke.  This page seems to be design notes about the game.

The game has some polarizing elements.  Even Japanese reviews talk about the difficulty curve of the game, and the odd control layout.

Either way, hopefully this’ll be fun for everyone.


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