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I should probably finish the Dragon Quest / Warrior series.  That’d mean doing articles on Dragon Quest V and Dragon Quest VI.  The seventh and eighth games should get articles as well, but they’re a little more difficult to properly illustrate.  Wild ARMs already has a lot of images uploaded, so a series overview wouldn’t be that bad.  It is a little late for the era I’m talking about.

Wild ARMs 3 (2002)

Another option would be to try to talk about the Minelvaton Saga, Silva Saga, and Silva Saga II series.  The music is pretty nice in Silva saga, but Minelvaton Saga is a 1987 era game.  Without a FAQ for it, I’m not sure how far I could go.  I suppose it could be a good excuse to explain issues with playing games in languages you don’t understand.

I think a good final option would be to do more SNES games.  La Wares has a FAQ out there now, which’d make it a lot easier to explore.  There’s also a lot of the translated classics that I haven’t talked about.  Robotrek may be a good option, since it’s a curious little game.

Fharanx is a 1985 game by Enix for the MSX.

Assuming I can get things working, MSX games might be interesting to show.  I don’t think I can do enough to actually review anything of note, but it is an era of game development.

A MSX screenshot of Relics shows a typical corridor. The brain and pulse graph seems to be part of the health system.

On the side of terrible games, Relics may be a good option.  It’s a rough FDS game that came out for MSX and some other systems, and has infamously terrible controls and loading times.  The plot, as best as I can tell, involves possessing bodies and using idols to explore a vaugely Aztec like set of ruins.

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    I wouldn’t mind seeing Robotrek, it’s a neat game, but I never really got very far in it. I really liked the lighthearted quirky charm it had, and the battle system was pretty neat.

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    I got past the first boss, and into the first real “If you don’t have this ability, you can’t progress” area. And saw some blatant Power Ranger ripoffs. As I remember, the game was originally a goofy comedy, and people translating the game were told to keep it more serious (also, partly due to text space issues.)

    The sound effects (I remember a lot of boopy noises) are what I remember most.


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