STED Update

Updating my progress in STED.  So far, I’m just getting into the “Red” set of levels.  These provide a major stat boost.  Unfortunately, this also seems to bring in a slightly stronger group of enemies near the far town.  I need to earn about 600 to buy the next weapon upgrade for the hero.  Each grinding run to Hyu has about 200 gold net profit, unless if it goes badly.

The poison status effect is in action on the hero. This is in the middle of opening a treasure chest found after battle.

Interestingly enough, poison doesn’t seem to act like a standard status effect.  I believe it blocks you from healing, but it doesn’t cause flashing on the map, or persistent damage.  Another annoyance was that before doing a grinding run to Hyu, I had 40 HP on Actes, and almost 30MP on Corona.  Since it’s very easy to die, it’s actually simpler to die and clone your characters rather than to heal the body damage.  As I recall, the next area of the game is the first that starts to make you need to heal your character’s body damage.

  1. SolarBoyMatt’s avatar

    Seems like an interesting game, I might give it a go later, once I finish Phantasy Star IV.

    Of course it would be between this game, or G-O-D: Mezame yoto Yobu Koe ga Kikoe.

  2. Rav’s avatar

    G-O-D, from what I’ve played of it, is a much better game than STED. STED feels a lot like a rough fan version of Phantasy Star II, and has a bunch of awkward elements to it.

    I’d suggest checking out the partly finished shrine on rpgclassics for STED – it has a world map, walkthroughs, stats, and other useful stuff. If you do decide to play the game, it’ll help a lot.

  3. SolarBoyMatt’s avatar

    I’ve actually played a bit of G-O-D (probably about the first hour or so), and it’s quite good.

    Apparently there was a remake on the PS1 called G-O-D Pure: Growth or Devolution. I played about the same amount of that version, but they completely changed some parts, but still keeping the same progression of the story. I’ll probably play that version after the SNES version.


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