Lutter is a Famicom Disk System game published by Athena in 1989.  These games tend to be NES games with the ability to save.  It’s translated into English by a translator named Mute.

Lutter, Athena 1989

The stars are animated and zip back and forth.

To get an idea of the gameplay, I played through the first level of the game and took some screenshots.  Your hero’s goal is to rescue some young women, culminating in a fight against the ultimate evil.  The main part of the game takes place in a Lode Runner like room.  You fight enemies via bumping them, and take more damage from behind, or while fighting on anything other than solid ground.

Here, the hero found gold.

Gold enables you to bribe an enemy if you are killed.

Above, you can see the first room in the game. At the top, a brown stone block is starting to vanish. I used those to get down to the gold that I’m gathering in the screenshot. The blue objects are doors.  You can unlock color coded doors with keys, which are tracked at hte bottom of the screen.

A complex room with a green door at the top left blocked by a gap.

The goal for this room is to eventually return and bridge the gap leading to the green door.

The yellow keys here open the lavender / red doors.   The Triangle provides a block for enemies, and lets you move them to specific areas.  It’s reusable.  The brown chest has a vest in it, which changes the hero’s color, and adds defense.  When you hit the switch at the bottom left, a ladder appears on either side of the room.

A room with three doors on the right.

The doors here let you access items hidden in other areas.

Although they’re invisible in this screenshot, there’s moving platforms in the space to the right.  One is on the level of the gold bag, and the other runs below the key platform.  The chest here has a dirk which adds a sword to your hero’s sprite.  This is also where it becomes obvious that monsters on rungs are very dangerous to fight.

The green amoeba man is sort of a mini-boss. He moves quickly, and hits hard.

The switch on the right adds a ladder on the right of the amoeba man room.  The shield like item allows you to create a block wherever you wish, and the green key, of course, is for that locked door that was blocked.

Here, the block is being created. The round object is a healing cookie.

This menu is brought up by pressing B. You can use cookies during boss battles or during the game, but waiting does allow your health to heal naturally.

You start on the right, under the bee. The switch creates some ladders.

Again, a platform is invisible. There’s one riding above the chest, which has a shield in it.

Pressing up allows you to talk.

Going in the white door takes you to the boss.

The weakpoint is the grey blob in the center of the stomach.

There is sort of a clever zooming effect as you approach the bosses.  The screen flashes, and the top and bottom bars zip past you quickly until you reach the boss.

With the boss defeated, you are thanked.

There’s several levels to the game, with different graphics and different mechanics.  All in all, it’s a competent action RPG without too many annoying features.  The music is a little grating, and the graphics aren’t amazing.  However, it’s still fun to play.


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