Minelvaton Saga (with translation)

aishsha came out with a translation for Minelvaton Saga.  It’s got a few missing lines of text right now, but a new version will be coming out soon.  So, how’s the game if you can actually read what’s going on?

The minstrel has different music for the conversation screen.

The game is still a fairly early YS or Hydelide style clone.  You do get the fun of seeing the text in the talking screens.  It turns out that each character has a title (so, say, a villager may be an outlaw or a girl.)

The magic guild is where you save the game. "Saving your soul" is an interesting term for it.

Unsurpisingly, I progressed a lot more quickly in the game.  While the initial enemies are tough, there’s weaker enemies near the southern town of Malt.  These enemies neatly provide 96 gold per fight, which means that you can easily buy upgraded armor and weapons.  The starter weaponry also sells for a decent amount of money so you can quickly upgrade your armor.

Had I known that there was something safe to the south and weapons, I probably would've progressed more quickly.

Your first mission is to prove that you’re the prince by getting your crown.  Once you have 5 medicine, and upgraded equipment, you can go to the castle.  It turns out that chests in the castle refill, but the contents really aren’t that exciting.  In the basement, there’s a golem boss, and you find the crown.

Yulat appears in Silva Saga (the sequel.)

Back in town, the person who said they’d join if you were the prince actually joins the party, and you can head out.

The pathfinding on the partner (Evvy,) isn't the most natural, but you don't have to worry about them getting stuck on a tree.


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