I’m a random woman who believes that the average blog doesn’t provide the kind of commentary that interests me in a JRPG.  This blog aims to cover the unusual JRPGS that are out there – most of them retro, most of them forgotten, and many of them forgettable.  Still, I believe you might find something amazing in these pages, or, at the very least, enjoy your time here.

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  1. knuck’s avatar

    Keep up the great work. Just found your blog, and I must say that’s I’ve been looking for a blog that talks about obscure JRPGs, or just JRPGs in general.


  2. Rav’s avatar

    Thank you very much for your kind comments, knuck.

    I hope you enjoy your stay.

  3. _ender_’s avatar

    Great blog.. I’m very much into retro gaming and this is exactly the kind of thing I was looking for.

  4. Rav’s avatar

    Thank you for the comment, _ender_, and the link on your blog. I hope you enjoy your stay.

  5. glown’s avatar

    Just found the blog today and skimmed all the way through. Great stuff, I love information on obscure/never-released-in-the-States NES games. Keep up the good work.

  6. Rav’s avatar

    Thank you for your comment, glown. Your art is really interesting. I do plan on doing more SNES games eventually, however they tend to be a lot more difficult to explore in depth. The simple mechanics of NES games does make things more easy.

  7. SixStringsGeek’s avatar

    Awesome blog! I like that you cover mainly rare JRPGs specially kusoges! ^3^
    I’ve found your blog by doing a search on StarGazers and then i read all the kusoge articles nonstop xD.
    I also like its clear, tidy, minimalistic look, it’s easier on the eyes if one wants to read instead of looking at pictures! xD

    Well thanks and keep writing! *_*

  8. Rav’s avatar

    Thanks for your kind comments, SixStringsGeek. Stargazers certainly is remarkable in the number and variety of ways that it’s messed up.

  9. LG’s avatar

    Stumbled onto your blog while looking up Silva Saga. What a great resource you’re putting up! I’ve recently gotten back into old jrpg’s and had no idea there was so much out there, especially on NES/Famicom. FF on the NES is still my favorite game of all time to this day.

    Greatly looking forward to perusing all your content (that sounded wrong for some reason, sorry). Keep it up!

  10. Rav’s avatar

    Thank you, LG.

    Silva Saga is really my favorite from my limited puttering around in that series. Silva Saga II felt like it was all glitz and nostalgia, and Minelvaton Saga felt a bit too retro for my taste.

    I hope you enjoy what I’ve written about random RPGS out there.


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